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Why is The Man...

2008-08-29 22:25:40 by TJoyal

Why Is The Man Always Trying To Keep Me Down?

Why is The Man...


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2008-08-29 22:31:31

It sounds like a hypothical question.Must be BBR possessing a mod.


2008-08-29 22:32:32

Why isn't there a banning spree even though there is possesion?Obviosly,BBR only controls part of the mod.The mod is able to control the other part.


2008-08-30 01:10:32

where's your icon at your user imge from? when was it removed from the posts smileys and stuff?


2008-08-30 01:37:51

I got banned for the same thing! >:(


2008-08-30 22:19:48

you suck

TJoyal responds:

Because we have one similar question on both our quizes. Grow up fucktard.