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Support One Of The Greatest NG Topics Ever

2008-12-01 15:04:34 by TJoyal

I have just been aware that one of my (and many other people's) favorite topics has been locked. By who you ask?

Wade? No.
Blue Hippo? No.
Zerok? Ironically, No.

To be honest, it was my least favorite mod (and many other people's) Poozy. Yes Poozy. The man with a thirst for power greater than BBR's. Now he gave no reason to support why he locked this topic. It was a big hit and many people including myself have had great memories posting in it. Rushing in from after school remembering those little, pointless things that bothered you and making a funny drawing of it. I say we all show our respect for a topic that has been locked by the new BBR, by every dedicated poster in the topic to copy my sig and replace my drawing with the drawing you used during your peeve posts.

Or you can make a simple post in this news post.

Help us!

Together we can feel sadness all together, and remember the good times we have had.

Support One Of The Greatest NG Topics Ever


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2008-12-01 15:15:54



2008-12-01 16:03:24

Just make another

TJoyal responds:

You're not allowed to. They'll lock it and odds are you'll suffer a small ban. Imagine what would happen if somebody made another MS Paint Brawl topic.


2008-12-01 16:27:09

what a fucking asshole.


2008-12-01 18:52:47

i was so pissed when he locked that thread, it was full of lulz

R.I.P MSPaint Your School Pet Peeves

TJoyal responds:

That was honestly my favorite topic ever.

I wish he could unlock it or we could make a new one.


2008-12-02 00:48:20


Let me put it to you like this. If that thread wasn't chock full of cocksuckers bumping it for the lulz. Then maybe it would still be alive.

Maybe if the users that loved it so much would have reported other users spamming that thread and discourage users that bumped it with nothing to add, that thread would still be alive.

NG users that loved that thread have NO ONE TO BLAME except themselves.

When I come across crap I pwn it. No matter who is to blame. If it makes you feel better to blame me then so be it. I truly do not give a fuck...

TJoyal responds:

Dude, I know there are rules but it was a fun thread. Whether their was spam which truly I didn't see from anyone but one kid showing the same picture over and over, everybody got along and everybody had fun. It seems like you lock just about every hit thread just to gain some sort of popularity of some sort.

You literally came in and spammed it yourself just to get people to plead for you to not lock it then locked it anyways. It was a good thread and what you did simply pissed a lot of people who did behave and who were good posters.


2008-12-03 19:43:57

Shut up.


2008-12-03 19:54:07

When BBR locked threads with lots of pages, they usually sucked, and it was funny. But when poozy does it, it's a great thread, and there is no fun.


2008-12-03 19:56:39



2008-12-04 15:31:57

No matter how much you bitch and moan it won't be unlocked.


2008-12-07 00:34:19

you look like someone i used to know


2008-12-12 23:38:13

You can't blame EyeLovePoozy for being a douche, he can't help it.


2008-12-17 22:43:52

maybe because it was the same 20 topics or so made over with different art

clogged hallways
prep girls
fat girls
annoying classmates
and then every about 3-7 pages some new idea for a topic it was just to pig of a spam topic after the first 30 pages

TJoyal responds:

But nonetheless, nobody complained and everyone had fun


2008-12-22 00:03:16

and the thread was.......


2009-01-25 03:40:33

I remeber that it was awesome i think i got in sometime near the begining of 08. Lots of good memories in that bbs.....*sigh*.