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2008-08-15 20:24:25 by TJoyal

A preview of my crappy wrestling pivots... bUf0

What do you think? I am making the full video which has about 20 animations, but it isn't finished yet.

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2008-08-07 13:59:57 by TJoyal

I need some ideas and ways to get rid of my highlighted icons on my desktop. I tried all the basic stuff (right click my computer-advanced-check off blah blah blah). I tried just about every way. I don't know if I installed something that did this or what. I jsut need help on how to get rid of the highlighted icons.

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2008-01-27 16:38:54 by TJoyal

I wonder what's inside...


Dare I???

2008-01-27 16:26:55 by TJoyal

I wonder what's inside

Dare I???


2008-01-22 15:48:13 by TJoyal

Attention Fellow NG'ers

Donate some e-cash to TJoyal for a Newgrounds shirt. So just put as much money in the empty wallet as you want. Every time you donate a dollar we save a starving child in Nigeria , every time you don't we murder one.


Is it just me....

2008-01-14 20:28:47 by TJoyal

or does Williwowza use this smiley in 99% of his posts?!

BBR Closed A Good Topic....

2008-01-13 16:57:28 by TJoyal

Rant About It Here!

My Sister Is Officially A Skank

2007-12-30 20:23:44 by TJoyal

My sister is now officially a skank. She is 16 and is one of those spoiled , bitchy girls. She has her music blasting all the time , and she sings really loud and in a obnoxious way. She also wears stupid outfits , mostly from Hollister. She wears those ass ugly beanie hats and wears it tilted to the side like some Beaner chick. She is friends with all the metro-sexuals and drama girls at school. When she walks all you can see is her giant ass crack too.

She is officially a skank!

My rant is over...

My Sister Is Officially A Skank

1,000 posts

2007-12-17 19:22:01 by TJoyal

Woot over 1,000 posts today!

time to....

1,000 posts

Fab turn!

2007-12-02 11:32:24 by TJoyal

I have recently turned fab. It feels good to have pink in my avatar :P